Rayar Gypsum can provide you with:


  • Over 40  years experience and knowledge about our gypsum.
  • 100% Family owned Australian business.
  • Low sodium products. (<1%)
  • All naturally mined gypsum with no chemicals used in production.
  • Prompt and reliable service.
  • Bulk gypsum, pick up or delivered.
  • Pickup from Waitchie, Victoria. 


Use Rayar Gypsum to:

  • Improve yields.
  • Break down clay soil.
  • Improve soil structure.
  • Eliminate surface crusting.
  • Increase seedling emergence.
  • Eliminate ponding in clay areas.
  • Increase water penetration and retention.


Our customers use our products in a variety of situations:

  • Broadacre cropping: wheat, barley, canola, legumes etc.
  • Horticulture: nursery products, viticulture, vegetables, fruit etc.
  • Stockfeed additives.
  • Road bases, driveways, stock trough bases, silo bases, shed floors, tennis courts, garden paths etc. 
  • Reclaimation of salt affected areas, road works and sewerage treament areas. 




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