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Screened Mix Gypsum

A combination of seed and copi (powder) gypsum screened through 6mm piano wire. Used primarily for soil conditioning. e.g. High rate spreading for a quick reaction; lasered ground, cereal, vegetables, grapes, pasture etc. purity).




Screened Seed Gypsum

Sandy textured seed (sugar) gypsum, screneed through 6mm piano wire for easy handling and low rate spreading. Slightly slower reacting compared to screened mix. Ideal for canola and sulfur deficient cereal crops and pastures.




Raw Crystal Gypsum

An alternative to concrete or gravel bases for tennis courts, shed flooring, laneways, water trough bases (to deter stock traffic damage), driveways, stables, paths, silos, garages, cattle or sheep yards etc. Not used for agricultural purposes.




Washed Crystal Gypsum

Clean coarse sample. Slow release potential for aerial and ground spreading at similar rates to fertilizer, on grazing or other land. Also known as Sulfur Ag. 5 - 30mm size crystals. This product can be purchased in fine crystals (80%+ purity) or coarse (95%+ purity) depending on your requirements.







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